Boudoir, nude, fetish and erotic models wanted!

I am always looking for models for my buodoir, nude, fetish and erotic works and projects. This is not for everyone and all models are required to pose fully nude. It is far from most of the pictures that show full nudity, but in a photoshoot setting, it simply doesn’t work out to be shy!

If you have any discomfort or hesitation about doing this type of work, there is no need for you to contact me. Furthermore, if you are concerned that your family, friends, or employers will see the images, or if you feel the need to control how and where your images are used, this is not for you. However, if you are completely comfortable posing for this type of images and you think you got what it takes, I would love to hear from you. Anonymity can though, to some extent be arranged in some of my projects and shoots.

Age and physical requirement

All models must be 18 years of age or older and show a valid ID for me to copy for my files on the day of the shoot. I have no maximum age limit as long as you meet the physical requirement. (Primarily I am looking for athletic, well-defined models.) However, if you do not meet the physical requirement, but still have a “sexyness”, attitude or appearance you think might work well for this type of images, please do not hesitate to contact me.
A normal or slightly toned body could work just fine!

Compensation, model release and documentation

I pay for most shoots with a standard fee based on the models experience. Models with no experience are welcome to apply. I require models to sign a release and models must provide (on the day of the shoot) a valid ID for me to copy for my files.

Shoot locations

I shoot mostly in Norway (Oslo area and the southeast) and in Sweden (the west coast) at any given location that might be available and chosen for each shoot. I also shoot randomly across Europe when traveling. I will gladly travel or provide transportation to and from the location for the right models.

Image usage and copyrights

My images are primarily intended for my various publication projects, which include coffee table books, magazines, postcards, calendars, prints for sale and as exhibitions, etc. Images will also be used and published in social media, websites, portfolios, etc. I am happy to provide models with low-resolution digital images of my choosing for use in promoting themselves as models. These images are not to be used for commercial purposes. I never provide models with prints or high-resolution digital images under any circumstances. I own full copyright to the images, no exceptions.

Feel free to contact me!

After reading this, and if you still would like to work with me, I invite you to email me some information about yourself. I also would like you to attach a few recent photos of yourself. (a quick snapshot will do but the picture should provide an unobstructed view of your face and physique.)

I look forward to hearing from you!

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